Sunday, May 14, 2017

Class Act Honored: Derek Jeter

I'm more of a NFL fan (see, and an NBA fan, more so than MLB. Living in Atlanta, when the Braves were hot and winning during the Bobby Cox era, I followed the Braves into the post-season.

It was always fun to go to a sports bar and root for the Braves. High-fiving people you don't even know, everyone pretty much on one accord. However, even during the Braves glory years (only won one championship and who can forget Sid Bream rounding the bases for what seemed like a couple days to slide into home-base), but even then, I loved the NY Yankees because of ONE PLAYER.... The Captain: Derek Sanderson Jeter.

I was drawn to Jeter early in his career because he was a winner. He played the game cleanly, no links to steroids during the steroid-era. He pretty much stayed the same size throughout his storied career. Never exhibiting much muscle-mass, slim, trim, fit, built like the quintessential baseball player.

Jeter's ability to perform in the clutch earned him the nickname, "Mr. November," because he stepped up when it counted. That's what you want in a teammate and that is what makes a champion - 5 times!

The guy had a knack for the extraordinary. As he and the sports world anticipated his 3000th hit, Jeter goes 5-for-5 and his 3000th hit was a homerun! Also, his very last hit before retiring, was a walk-off game winning hit. Are you kidding me? If you wrote a story about a Jeter-like career, people would say it's a bit farfetched, a bit unbelievable.

Derek stayed single during his 20-year playing career. He's now married and his wife Hannah Jeter is an expectant mom.

To say that Jeter was a class act, on and off the field would be a major understatement. He was never linked to any type of controversy and that is amazing considering the media follows "superstars" practically everywhere. Young athletes from any sport should use Mr. Jeter's career as an example to follow.

Congrats on a phenomenal career Mr. November!