Are pro athletes paid too much?

Are pro athletes paid too much? Absolutely not! Peyton Manning signed a 7 year contract in March, 2004 for a reported 99.2 million dollars which means he makes a little over $14 million dollars annually. Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics is the highest paid NBA player and makes about $24,750,000 per year. Too much you say? Well let's look at the money they generate from jersey sales and ticket sales, and everything else that is sold using their likeness, image, or name. Let's also take a look at the owners. No one ever talks about the money a team sports owner makes.


Derek Jeter

The Captain of the New York Yankees, Mr. Derek Sanderson Jeter has been one of my favorite players for the past decade. He's always ranked right up there with MJ, Marcus Allen, Walter Peyton, and Jerry Rice.


Plaxico Burress

Mayor Bloomberg called for Buress' head from day one. His comments regarding the case were tantamount to Govenor Ross Barnett interrupting the wife of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers testimony. While she was on the witness stand, Govenor Barnett shook hands with the accused killer, Byron De La Beckwith, who was aquitted in 1964. Of course the Burress case is not the national tragedy that the Medgar Evers case was, but I think you get my point. As soon as Bloomberg opened his mouth, the Burress case should have been thrown out of court.


The Top Five Class Athletes

Derek Jeter is a shortstop and team Captain of the New York Yankees. He's only played for one team his entire career. Jeter is a 11-time All-Star, 5-time World Series Champion, 5-time Golden Glove winner, and owner of numerous other awards and accolades. Derek Jeter is the epitome of a baseball player and a class act on and off the baseball field.


The Top Five NFL Plays

Oakland Raiders vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, 1972 AFC Divisional Playoff Game. The "Immaculate Reception" occurred on the last play of the game. The Steelers needed a miracle and got it when a deflected pass was caught by Franco Harris and ran in for a touchdown. The Steelers would advance to the Super Bowl a couple of weeks after their last second victory.


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