Thursday, February 13, 2014

Time "2" Go

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The class act that is Derek Jeter, announced on Facebook that this would be his last season. My favorite sports franchise has always been the Oakland Raiders. My love for the Silver and Black started when I was about 6 years of age. I was born in Oaktown so it's no surprise that I gravitated toward the Raiders.

When I relocated to Atlanta, because of all the press the Braves received from Turner Broadcasting (TBS), I became a baseball fan. However, it was not the Braves who became my number one baseball team. The class, style and championship pedigree of the Yankees and "The Captain" is what lured me to follow New York. I still root for the Braves and there is nothing more exciting than when the Braves are making a deep run into the playoffs.

I'll never forget going to a sports bar when the Braves were in the playoffs. I don't remember who it was but the player hit a walk-off home run to win the game. There were hugs all around and I got a big hug from a very attractive woman who I did not know and she initiated the hug.

I cheer for the Braves against any team except the Yankees, primarily because of Derek Jeter. You've never heard any negativity regarding Jeter. He's remained single (which I applaud), turns 40 on June 26 of this year and a multi-champion.

Check out these impressive stats:

  • Named NY Yankees team Captain in 2003-present
  • Rookie of the year in 1996
  • 5-time Golden Glove award winner
  • Career batting average of .312
  • 3,316 hits (his 3000th hit was a home run)
  • 1,876 runs, 348 stolen bases
  • 256 Home runs, 1,261 runs batted in (rbi's)
  • 5-time World Champion

Definitely Jordan-like stats and certainly a Hall-of-Fame career. There has never been a player who was a unanimous first-time selection in the baseball Hall-of-Fame. Jeter should be the first not only because of his stellar play on the field, but for his grace off the field.

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